Technowrites creates high-quality technical documentation depending on the target audience. This includes the following.

It helps the users to utilize a product effectively. The user could be a technically qualified person or a lay person. There are a number of tools used to create User Guides, for example, Microsoft Word, Adobe FrameMaker (structured & unstructured), and so on. Our audience analysis questionnaire helps us define the audience profile, which leads to audience-friendly documentation.

It is a text file linked directly to the computer application. It has the advantage of being online. So user can use it easily. It can also be made context sensitive. This means the users get instant help for the task that they are performing. Technowrites uses RoboHelp to create help files.

It provides step-by-step information about installing a software. Typically it talks about the hardware requirements, the software requirements, and the installation steps. It tells the users about the parameters to be set at the time of installation.

Many users have good understanding about computers in general and prefer to read something that can answer a query in the shortest possible time, without giving too much of explanation.

These are application demonstrations or interactive learning lessons. They are created using tools like PowerPoint or Captivate.