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Diploma in Technical Communication-First Installment
Includes Technical Writing Theory, Process, training in Microsoft Word, Robo Help and related assignments ...
Fee : Rs. 30000.00
Diploma in Technical Communication (Classroom Model)
Includes Basic and Advanced Course modules. Includes Technical Writing Theory, Process, training in Microsoft Word, training in RoboHelp.
Fee : Rs. 70800.00
Diploma in Instructional Design Course
Focused ID course is available in Virtual Classroom Sessions. Depending on the time one puts in the course can be completed it in about 3 Months. The course includes theory sessions, tools training ...Please refer the updated prospectus.
Fee : Rs. 56640.00
Proposal Writing Course-Virtual Classroom
Training video. It includes detailed description of Request for Proposal (RFP), Proposal, Cost Bid, Technical Bid, Top-down Costing Approach, Bottom-up Costing Approach, Risks Id & much more ...
Fee : Rs. 11800.00
Diploma in Technical Communication-First Installment (Virtual Classroom Model)
Includes Technical Writing Theory, Process, training in Microsoft Word, Robo Help and related assignments ...
Fee : Rs. 30000.00
Content Writing Course
Content Writing skills are high in demand and can bring lucrative career opportunities for you. CW is a profound training course designed by Technowrites to help you develop these skills. This course is beneficial for aspiring content writers as well as existing content writers in honing their content writing skills. It does not pertain to any specific language.
Fee : Rs. 20.00
Content Writing Course with Assignments
CW+AS model includes Content Writing Course and Assignments. Content Writing course will introduce you to the core concepts and processes of Content Writing, Content Marketing, and Blogging. This model includes five exciting assignments to help you apply these concepts and improve your skills. You will receive exhaustive feedback on each assignment from the course trainer. You can present these assignments as a part of your portfolio to highlight your content writing skills.
Fee : Rs. 20.00
Freelancing for Technical Writers
Focused Course for Freelancers. It is Offered in Virtual Classroom Mode. Take it as per your convenience. Course includes lot of videos, audios, ...
Fee : Rs. 32285.00
Diploma in Technical Communication-Virtual Classroom
Includes basic course in technical writing theory, processes, Tools such as Word, Robohelp & SnagIT
Fee : Rs. 70800.00
DTC-Classroom Training (Registration Online)
DTC-Classroom Training (Registration Online)
Fee : Rs. 5000.00
Content Writing Course with Assignments and Certificate
CW +AS+CT model is the certificate program for the Content Writing Course. Worldwide, there is a growing demand for Content Writers. CW+AS+CT is developed by Technowrites to meet this demand to some extent. This model comprises of Content Writing course, five Assignments, and an exam module. Content Writing course will familiarize you with the Content Writing concepts and process. There are five Assignments to assess your knowledge gained through the course.
Fee : Rs. 20.00
Microsoft Word 2007 CBT
The packet includes 1. MS Word Theory video 2. MS Word 2007 CBT 3. MS Word 2007 Training Booklet 4. Courier charges in India The packet ships within 4 working from date of ordering ...
Fee : Rs. 5500.00
DITA Course
DITA i.e. Darwin Information Typing Architecture is an advanced discipline of technical writing. It is an open-source, XML-based architecture for producing and delivering technical documentation. DT is a systematic training program for Technical Writers who want to enhance their career growth. DT will take you right through the basics of HTML, XML to the complex DITA concepts in an easy to understand approach.
Fee : Rs. 20.00
Certificate Course in DITA
Includes What is DITA • Principles of DITA • History and Evolution of DITA • Why DITA – A Premise • Why DITA – Usage • Process to be followed in DITA Advantages of using DITA • Features provided by DITA • Challenges adopting DITA • Understanding role of CMS • Things to consider while moving to DITA
Fee : Rs. 17700.00
Diploma in Instructional Design-First Installment
Modules list Introduction to ID Study of Instructional Material ID Process ADDIE Model Gagne’s events of learning Bloom’s Taxonomy and Component Display Theory ID Strategies Developing CBT & WBT Captivate Training (through Videos and CBT) Moodle Training Adobe Presenter Camtasia Learning management System Brainstorming Concept Maps Audience Analysis Interviewing SME Information Collection Resume Writing Job Interviews
Fee : Rs. 30000.00
Freelancing Course-Virtual Classroom
Course Content Outline: · What is freelancing, Why do it · Who should freelance, who shouldn’t · Preparing yourself and your portfolio · Sites where you can get work · Approaching clients personally · Types of companies, Types of taxes · Types of problems faced and their solution · Estimating for projects · Preparing Quotations & Much More. Check the updated prospectus for more details
Fee : Rs. 21240.00
DITA Course with Assignments
DT+AS model covers DITA course and Assignment. DITA course encompasses all the basic and advanced topics related to DITA i.e. Darwin Information Typing Architecture. This course will impart theoretical and practical knowledge needed for learning DITA. In DT+AS, apart from the training in DITA, you will work on an assignment. It will help you evaluate your understanding of DITA. You will receive thorough feedback on this assignment by the course trainer.
Fee : Rs. 20.00
DITA Course with Assignments and Certificate
DT+AS+CT model is a certificate program for Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA). It includes DITA course, one challenging assignment, and an exam module. It is a comprehensive training model to familiarize you with the basics, and advanced features of DITA. The assignment is included to help you demonstrate your knowledge of DITA. On successful completion of the DITA course and the assignment, you will appear for an exam.
Fee : Rs. 20.00
Proposal Writing Course
Proposal writing is a specialized form of writing. With the recent change in the business paradigm, demand for these skills is increased. Technowrites has designed an exclusive course for developing Proposal Writing skills. PW will train you on core concepts and the process of Proposal Writing. There is a separate module on Project Management to give you insights into Proposal Writing practices. Besides, several resources are offered with the course to enhance your learning.
Fee : Rs. 20.00
Proposal Writing Course with Assignments
PW+ AS model includes Proposal Writing Course (PW) and an Assignment. PW includes sessions about the basic and advanced concepts of Proposal Writing. You will get familiarized with the eTendering process. There is an assignment included in the model to help you evaluate your understanding of the concepts. Our expert course trainers will give you personalized feedback on your assignment.
Fee : Rs. 20.00
Proposal Writing Course with Assignments and Certificate
PW+AS+CT is a certificate program for the Proposal Writing course. It includes PW course, an Assignment, and an exam module. PW course will help you build the essential knowledge and skills of Proposal Writing. This model includes an assignment for your practice and you will receive expert feedback for the same. After the successful completion of the course and assignment, you will appear for the exam module. Once you pass the exam, you will be awarded a certificate from Technowrites.
Fee : Rs. 20.00