"DTC Course Detailing Session @Technowrites’s Shivajinagar (Pune) Office. Online Course Detailing Session on 29 August 2020, Saturday, 08:30AM to 09:30AM, through Zoom Meeting. Interested students send SMS "CDSCL" for classroom session and "CDSON" for online session @+91 9923209602!"


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Diploma in Instructional Design Course

Focused ID course is available in Virtual Classroom Sessions. Depending on the time one puts in the course can be completed it in about 5 to 6 weeks. The course includes theory sessions, tool training, and a lot of interactive assignments. All the theory sessions are available in DVDs. So you need to attend the Virtual Sessions only for the faculty interactions.

Note that all updates that will be release within next 12 months (from your date of joining the course) will be sent you free-of-cost.

All the training videos are also available in mobile-compatible format (at an additional price.) This could help you to view the videos while you are traveling, thus saving your time and increasing productivity.

Modules list

  • Introduction to ID
  • Study of Instructional Material
  • ID Process ADDIE Model
  • Gagne’s events of learning
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy and Component Display Theory
  • ID Strategies
  • Developing CBT & WBT
  • Captivate Training (through Videos and CBT)
  • Brainstorming
  • Concept Maps
  • Audience Analysis
  • Interviewing SME
  • Information Collection
  • Resume Writing
  • Job Interviews
Fee : Rs. 56640.00