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How will I benefit from the course?

This is a unique courses designed at Technowrites to meet the requirements of the industry and supplement its growth. The course is highly job-oriented. The course is unique in many ways:

  • The classroom training includes 25+ assignments which are tuned to the real-life requirements of the industry. That’s the reason Technowrites can put the students on the real-life projects after this initial period of two months.
  • It will give students an opportunity to use Technowrites’ state-of-the art technological set-up and licensed software.
  • It is ideal for anyone who is looking at mid-career change as it starts paying a decent stipend from the third month of the course.
  • Good training is guaranteed as the course model is designed based on our more than 14 years of experience and more than 8 years of training experience.
  • The course model is continuously updated to ensure that it is in line with the industry’s requirements.
  • After the successful completion of the course the student gets back more than what he/she paid as fees. Add to that one year of professional work experience!
Why is there an entrance (screening) test? Can't you take everyone who is ready ...

Technowrites is not a training institute. We are a professional technical writing service provider. We have created this course to cater to our own in-house requirements. We work for the best of the companies world-wide. Our income comes not from the fees paid by the students. It comes from the billable work that we get done from the students. This is the reason why our course is more exhaustive and practical than others. This being the reason we are very careful while selecting the students. We give our students a written guarantee that we will be paying them a stipend. This being the reason not everyone who appears for the test is allowed to join the course. It is recommended that Technowrites’s on-the-job training course should not be compared to 3 or 6month courses offered by other organizations/institutes. There is a philosophical difference in these course objectives.technical writing training, diploma in technical communication

What are the tools taught as a part of the course?
  • MS Word – Advanced Training
  • MS PowerPoint – Advanced Training
  • MS Visio – Advanced Training
  • RoboHelp – Advanced Training
  • FrameMaker – Advanced Training
  • Captivate – Advanced Training
  • SnagIt – Advanced Training

The on-the-job training might involve training on other tools. This will depend on case-to-case basis.

What types of jobs are available?

After completing this course, you start as a

  • Technical Writer
  • Multimedia Content Developer
  • Web Content Developer
  • Copywriter
  • Instructional Designer
  • Courseware Developer

Some of our students are also doing freelancing.

As a student, can I borrow a book from the Technowrites library?

Yes, you can borrow a book from the Technowrites library, which has a unique collection of books.

Will I get a certificate after completion of the course?

On successful completion of every course, you will get a certificate from Technowrites Pvt. Ltd.

Is this course affiliated to any university or any other educational institute?

This course is not affiliated to any university or any other educational institute. It is conceptualized by Technowrites Pvt. Ltd. Technowrites has an established name in the industry.

Not many Indian universities offer a course like this.adobe robohelp tutorial, adobe framemaker tutorial

What salary can I expect after completing the course?

Our courses are highly appreciated by the industry. However, the pay packet will depend on a number of factors, like your ability to negotiate, employer standards, ongoing market rate, and so on. We give a performance-based monthly stipend varying from Rs. 4,000/- (Rupees four thousand only) to Rs. 8,000/- (Rupees eight thousand only).The pay package can be higher than this after the successful completion of the course.

Why does Technowrites collect a deposit from the student?

Our courses are highly appreciated by the industry. Many times our students start getting job offers within 2-3 months of joining the course. Our students have been offered salaries upwards of Rs. 5, 00,000/- per annum. In fact, some of them got offers which were so lucrative that they left the course incomplete, affecting our ongoing assignments and reputation. This did not benefit the students either as they lost a unique training opportunity. They compromised their long-term prospects for the sake of their short-term gains. To safeguard against this, we started taking a security deposit or Bank Guarantee from the students. More than the money, the commitment that comes with it is important. Since this change it has been found that the student’s retention and satisfaction has gone up considerably.

Can I do this course part-time?

This course is not offered in part-time model. The course and the on-the-job training will be full-time.

Can I do this course as a correspondence course?

This course is not offered as a correspondence course. The course and the on-the-job training will be full-time and onsite in Technowrites’s office or one of our client’s office.

Does Technowrites give a job guarantee to candidates who complete this course su ...

Technowrites Pvt. Ltd. is positive that the students will get a good placement after completing the on-the-job training course. Most candidates (95%) passed out from this course have been successfully placed. Technowrites itself has absorbed many of the students. In spite of this, Technowrites Pvt. Ltd. does not give any job guarantee.

Who conducts the courses?

Makarand (Mak) Pandit, Managing Director of Technowrites, conducts the courses, with the help of his team members. Mak is widely recognized as an entrepreneur and trainer in the field of Technical Writing in India. He has trained more than 1000 candidates so far in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Singapore, UAE, and so on. Makarand was the owner of the Technical Writers of India (www.twin-india.org) mailing list (which has over 1500 members). He was also the President of the STC India Chapter for the year 2005.technical communication tools, technical writing tools

Is there any short-term course available in Technical Writing?

Yes, Technowrites conducts a short duration training course for corporate clients and individuals. These courses cover MS Word, RoboHELP, RoboHTML and FrameMaker. Special modules are available on US-UK English, Proposal Writing, Software Documentation and Business Writing. For further details, please visit www.technowrites.com.

Was this a shorter course earlier? If yes, why was the time duration increased?

Yes. The course duration was a 10 months seven years back. It was increased to 12 months four years back and was made 14 months in June 2007. There are many reasons for this.

  • This course in designed considering the industry’s needs. This need has changed a lot in last four to five years. As the profession of Technical Writing is becoming more stable and matured, the industry now expects a lot more than technical writers then what it did seven or four years back. So the scope of work has increased and also the skills required.
  • The number of hours of classroom training and number of assignments have been increased. In the new course model the students will spend more than a month on classroom training and assignments, before they are ready to work on the real life assignments.
  • The course contents have been made more exhaustive. The latest tools and have been included in the course. Also the subject ‘Technical Writing Project Management” is newly added and it makes the course more comprehensive. Improvements like this have increased the learning time.
  • The course itself has matured based on Technowrites’s rich experience of seven years. The number of assignments is now increased to more than 25. Based on this there is a corresponding increase in the review and feedback sessions as well.

We trust that the new course model is ready for the needs of the industry and at the same time gives a much better justice to all the aspects of a successful technical writing career. webworks training, technical writing india, technical writing consultancy pune

If the course time duration has extended, why isn’t there a corresponding increa ...

Technowrites is not a training institute. Our income comes not from the fees but from the billable work that we get done from the students. So in-spite of the increase in the course time duration we have not increased the fees. It is noteworthy that on successful completion of the course the student is getting back much more than what he/she paid as fees.

Could the course be updated again?

Yes! Maybe after a few years. However, once you have signed the contract the terms of that contract will not change for you. Technowrites is totally transparent in its dealings. We keep every promise we make.

Can I talk to someone doing the course or someone who has successfully completed ...

Yes! We recommend that you should! That will help you get an insider’s view into our course and its success. We can share some personal email IDs of past students with you. You can also visit our office (with prior appointment) and meet students who are doing the course right now.