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Rajashekhar Pujar
Rajashekhar Pujar
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to take up the DTC course at your institute. It was a very good experience to undergo such a professionally handled course. Moreover, I want to appreciate the openness in knowledge sharing, to a very micro level, by you and Abhijit Sir. I will surely recommend Technowrites to anyone who wishes to enter this field. With the knowledge I gained from this course, I shall try my best to do good work in the field of Technical Writing. My best wishes to you and the Technowrites team for a very bright future!
Vishakha Rao
I am a student of DTC June 2015 Saturday batch. I got placed in Extentia Pvt Ltd, KalyaniNagar.
I am a student of DTC June 2015 Saturday batch. I got placed in Extentia Pvt Ltd, KalyaniNagar. 1st December,2015 is my joining date! I wanted to thank Mak Sir for his guidance and Abhijeet Sir for the tools training which helped me to get placed quickly.
Thank you for your wishes
Thank you for your wishes. My achievement in completing DTC and getting job at Softusvista is all because of your guidance, discipline and training that I received from you in Technowrites. I am really grateful to you for making me confident and giving my career a kick start.This course connected me to the latest technological trends going on around us and made me aware of the scope with which I can upgrade myself. I have collected the Certificate from the office. Will keep in touch.
Sandiip Kakadde
Thank you Technowrites! YOU’RE THE BEST...
I joined the DTC course as a Virtual Classroom student & went on to pursue a 6-month internship as well, post the course completion. Not only was this a paradigm change in my career but was also a gateway to an amazing Technical Writing fraternity that I got introduced to.
Working on two live projects onsite opened up a foray into the world of technical writing giving me the real-world exposure to apply the know-hows, know-whys, and know-whats that I had learnt in the course. Nevertheless, I would always cherish the experience of working alongside Mak Sir and getting to know him over and above a trainer. He is but one person whom anyone would inadvertently start following – be it his meticulousness to the task at hand or his foresightedness to judge any shortcomings and manage them proactively. You’re bound to get nothing but the best in terms of the experience he has to share.
If you’re a fresher just out of college chalking out the various career options, an experienced professional looking for a career change, or a homemaker who would like to get back on track in their professional journey – I would recommend Technowrites to everyone who wants to be a class apart in everything they do. Thank you Technowrites!  YOU’RE THE BEST.
Bageshri Kachhawa
The Stepping Stone
The Stepping Stone
I always believe in the flow of “The Change- The Risk- The Reward.” If you wish to prove yourself you need to be ready for some Changes, take a calculated Risk and if there is no risk there is no Reward.
This worked for me when I was really detracted and confused with my previous work profile. I was ready for the Change and Technowrites worked as the stepping stone. 
The transition from marketing to technical writing was slightly different but a recent client’s appreciation for my work in technical writing assured me that it was a right decision.
The diploma in Technical Communication made me a better technical writer. But it’s not all, all the assignments and activities (from Recipe writing to the last presentation activity) that we did helped in the day-to-day office activities and project work. I specially want to thank Mak sir and Abhijeet sir for their efforts to bring out the best in us.
I truly recommend Diploma in Technical Communication from Technowrites to those who can write but not sure if you can take it as a career. I am sure you can.
Technowrites is doing a great job and I wish you good luck for future.
Thank you..!!
Aditi Kumthekar
I am glad I joined the Diploma in Technical Communication at Technowrites...
I am glad I joined the Diploma in Technical Communication at Technowrites. The course played a pivotal role in making my career profile robust. Mak Sir`s guidance and innate ability to explain the concepts with real life examples enabled to have a crisp and clear concept understanding. The assignments did a miracle by molding me to the corporate world of Technical Writing. Mak Sir’s sincere efforts in informing us with the quality job opportunities helped me a lot in preparing and facing the interviews. I have also enrolled for the ID course and look forward to enhance my skill-set. I am drawing Rs. 3.8 Lakh CTC in my current organization. The course just ended and I have already got placed at Infosys. They have offered me an almost 100% hike in CTC. Many thanks to Technowrites for this zip-zap-zoom salary rise! Technowrites - you rock!! Cheers!
Saily Narvekar
Genuine thanks to all the staff at Technowrites, especially Mak sir and Abhijeet sir...
Genuine thanks to all the staff at Technowrites, especially Mak sir and Abhijeet sir. The course is expertly designed, with a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge, communication techniques and practical assignments. It steers even a non-technical person like me to the technical path, through the exact ‘how’ ‘why’ and ‘whens’ of the technical stuff. Also, Technical writing is a budding and honorable profession and has a promising future. One can get to explore various fields like finance, science, IT, pharma, defence, etc.
Bansi Shingala
DTC course with Technowrites was a breakthrough for my career...
DTC course with Technowrites was a breakthrough for my career. To a person aspiring for a career in technical writing, this course is the first and the most important step.I had many doubts while deciding on Technical Communication as a career. After the first few classes with Mak sir, all my doubts vanished and I knew I had made the right choice. 
Mak sir is the best tutor and mentor. He guides students in every way and prepares them for a real-life professional experience. He also shares the wisdom and knowledge for the personal and professional growth of the students.
The course is very well designed by Mak sir. It covers all the technical writing skills, theoretical knowledge, writing tools, communication techniques, and practical assignments.Even after the course Technowrites Institute, Mak sir, and Abhijeet sir are always there for students, to guide them at every step of their career. 
I can’t thank enough for all their coaching and support. Thank you Technowrites. Thank you Mak sir. Thank you Abhijeet Sir.
Anupama Puranik
I am thankful for offering me to work on a real project. Thanks to Technowrites for everything...

When I joined the Diploma in Technical Communication Course, I was at first not aware of the big positive step I had taken towards a new budding career path. But as the course made it’s way into week 2 , week 3 and then even further, I realised how many new concepts and ideas I was absorbing everyday. As Mak Sir and Abhijeet Sir guided us step by step through the intricacies of Technical Communication, it was as if a whole new world was opening up. I loved doing all the classroom exercises, particularly the interviews, the group activities and doing the coffee table book. My initial apprehension of being a non-technical person in a technical environment was soon wiped out. The assignments although challenging were a great learning experience and after finishing each one I looked forward to doing the next one. Mak Sir has vast experience in this field and believes in sharing it with the students without holding back. He sincerely wants his students to learn from his experiences. Abhijeet Sir is an excellent teacher while teaching Tools and patiently explains every concept until everyone has understood it perfectly. I am also very thankful to Mak Sir for offering me a chance to work on a real project, even before I had appeared for my exam and proved my capability. Thanks to Technowrites for everything.

Lobhas Paradkar
Every aspiring Technical Writer must undergo this training...
Every aspiring Technical Writer must undergo this training program because:
• It is industry oriented.
• It helps you understand the trend in Technical Writing Industry.
• It boosts up your confidence level by assigning challenging tasks.
• It grooms your personality as a Technical Writer.
• It may prove to be a turning point in your life.
• It gives you the POWER.

P=Professionalism: You must have a professional approach towards your work to meet your deadlines.
O=Organizational Ethics and
W=Work Culture: DTC group assignments help you to understand the importance of organizational ethics and work cultures of different teams in an organization to become a good team player.
E=Freedom of Expression: As a Technical Writer you should be moderately expressive and DTC assignments help you understand the need to avoid your emotions while writing about a product.
R=Representation Skills: You should have the clarity of thought about the product and the document you are working on, as you are the representative of the product for the end user who is reading the document.
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