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Career Guidance Series

Career Guidance Series

How to Resume Career After a Gap Download

This is a step-by-step guide to help you make the right career choice. It is recommended that while reading; take a pen and paper and answer the questions for yourself.
Also Download, Self-Evaluation Sheet for Candidates Resuming Job After A Gap.
Also Download, Self-Evaluation Sheet for Candidates Looking for Job Change.

Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Course Download

A training course helps you to learn new skills. Acquiring new skills makes an individual more capable of handling different responsibilities and tasks. A training course can also help you upgrade your existing skills. Choosing a course that best suits your requirements can be a tough choice, and it’s easy to get confused by the number of options available.

What are Interviewers Looking for Download

You spend a lot of time preparing yourself for an interview. It is not an easy job to be interviewed. When the interviewers take your interview, they know that they may—
  • Not get a perfect match for the position.
  • Get a candidate who is either underqualified or overqualified.
  • Select a candidate who is not a perfect match for the position.

Seven Statements NOT to Say During a Job Interview Download

You will probably find hundreds of articles that talk about what to say in a job interview. Here, is the list of seven statements that you should NOT make during an interview.

What does an Employer/Company expect from an Employee Download

This is to make you aware of certain things that an employer/company expects from an employee.

How a Company can Increase Your Benefits without Increasing Your Salary Download

Have you ever wondered about the benefits a company gives you for your overall growth and development?
Here are listed some of points that can be included in your benefits list.

What is Included in My CTC Download

Have you ever wondered what is included in your CTC? The (CTC) Cost To Company is the total amount that a company spends on you, directly or indirectly. Here are listed down the components which may be included in your CTC.

Important Terms of an Appointment Letter Download

Everyone joining a job needs to sign some sort of agreement or a contract. Typically, it consists of many different terms and clauses. Here are explained some important terms of a typical job contract or an appointment letter.