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Article Series

Article Series

Career S Curves Download

Have you heard of an S curve or a bell curve? The bell curve is used to study a lot of topics like product lifecycle, marketing, quality control, statistical analysis, and so on. I am going to apply the same concept of the bell curve to a career. In this case, we don’t want a situation where we get into a decline phase or the death phase. So, let us split the Bell curve vertically, and that’s what gives you an S Curve.

Career Change Download

A career is like a mountain that you climb to go up. Career accomplishments will elevate you in terms of achievements, earning, and so on. However, this is based on multiple factors, such as skillsets. Very few people reach the pinnacle of their respective career mountain. A lot of people lose hope halfway, a lot of people are not able to sustain the demands of career growth.

Milestones for a Technical Writer’s Career Download

A career without milestones can just be a job, and I am sure you will agree that every career must have milestones. Achieving milestones, may it be small or big, keep you going farther. Small goals make sure you develop in every phase of your life.

Jobs & Careers Download

Ever wondered why only a certain number of job-doers reach higher positions in their careers, while most others end up retiring decades later doing the same mundane things. The reason is, most of these people are just doing a job, while very few are serious about building a career.

How the DTC Course Can Help in Overall Personality Development Download

The Diploma in Technical Communication (DTC) course offered at Technowrites is not just a course but a gateway that connects students to the technical writing community in India. There are many value-added elements in the course which enrich its value and utility.

Questions to Ask While Taking Admission to Any Course Download

A training course helps you acquire new skills and improve your existing ones. However, there are many factors that you should consider while enrolling for any course. These factors can help you determine whether the course is a good fit for you and can help you achieve your goals.